Business Basics

Information for getting your business in order before starting your marketing prep.

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Setting Up Your Business: The Basics

There's no business without covering the basics. We outlined the steps to take between coming up with the idea of starting up a business to hanging up your shingle and being open for service.

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The Importance of Branding

Your branding speaks for your business when you're not there to advocate for it. Discover all the different aspects of branding to consider to make your viewer's experience a positive one.

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The Art & Value of Networking

Networking is like a sport in that you've got to prep to succeed on game day. Follow our advice to square away your presentation and approach to create genuine connections.

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Showing up When It Counts: Estimating

Often, the best bid wins the job. See what there is to consider when a client contacts you about a job, and you need to send an estimate that's thought of everything to secure the gig.

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Research, Reach-out, Repeat: The Value of a Strong Database

We sat down with one of the best in the biz, Heather Elder of Heather Elder Represents, as she gleamed some much-needed insight on everything from market research to email best practices.

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