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Information for getting your marketing in order before launching your campaign.

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Defining Your Target Market and List Building Effectively

As a serious player in the game for over a decade, we have come to realize how important it is for photographers to have a clear understanding of their market, what their needs are and how to get in front of the people who hire.

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Marketing Matters: The Basics

All great marketing plans come with a bit of prep. Once you square away your channels, audience, and message - it's time to think about the structure and tone to keep your campaign humming.

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Social Media: Posting On Instagram

There's a method to the madness. Check out our advice to organize your content and ramp up your engagement rates and the reach and influence of your Instagram business account.

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Your Website is Your Greatest Asset

As your website is likely to be your #1 sale's tool, you want it to be optimized. Learn how to streamline your website's presence to make your viewer's experience as impactful as possible.

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Setting Yourself Up for Success

Ready to market? Let's talk about how to recognize which company types, job titles, and specialties best match your interests to build out your target market and structure a campaign to reach them.

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Gain More Exposure, Get More Leads

Once you have your business development sorted, there's a bevy of in-person and digital marketing options available - review them all and pick the approach that works best for you and your business goals.

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Crafting a Killer Elevator Pitch

What is an elevator pitch? In this article, we'll walk you through the basics of creating a top-notch elevator pitch that sure to grab the attention of potential clients.

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Getting Your House in Order: 5 Tips for Your Next Marketing Push

If you’re an artist marketing today, it’s so important to make sure your vision highlights your assests and attributes. With a bit more down time these days, now is the perfect time to dig deep int your body of work and assess your visual voice.

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6 Important Questions to Ask a Potential Consultant

Finding the right Creative Consultant can feel a lot like dating and should be taken just as seriously. After all, you are starting a new relationship. Here are 6 important questions to start the conversation with a potential Creative Consultant.

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