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Keeping Your Business Healthy During a Pandemic


Here at Agency Access, we are in the business of supporting, encouraging, and inspiring our community. When we are faced with challenging times, as we are currently, we must pivot and remain proactive, positive, and productive. We are here to encourage you to think long term; think of the things you can be doing now that will help you and your business as we move forward towards the future.

Below are 10 points to help keep our businesses healthy:

  1. Email Marketing is still a positive way of communicating. As creatives and buyers are working from home, they are in front of their computers rather than on production. You have their attention, and there is still work to be done. Concepts need to be executed, and future shoots to be coordinated. Be top of mind.
  2. Compassion and understanding for clients during this time is crucial. Think twice about the nature and weight of your imagery and subject lines. Adjust accordingly to come from a place of understanding and thoughtfulness. This is a time to connect. Humanize. Not to offend. We are all in this together.
  3. Research the brands and agencies you’d like to target. Now that you have the time, tackle what’s a usually a very tedious and time-consuming task. Gain knowledge of the marketplace and like-minded brands that you want to work for. Do they have an in-house marketing department? Who is their agency on record? What is the recent work they have been creating? Build the ultimate Dream Client list of those companies and brands you want to pursue.
  4. Focus on your local market. Now more than ever, clients will be looking to stay closer to home with their production needs. Make sure to reach out to those agencies and clients in your area to let them know who you are, what you do, and where you are located.
  5. Instagram. Drive people to your Instagram as more people are on social media right now but be sure to think about your hashtags. Here is an opportunity to not just show people what’s around you, but how you see what’s around you. This is a time to connect and engage with like-minded brands, companies, and creatives in your industry. Build relationships, trust, and connections.
  6. Get Personal. This is an excellent opportunity to connect and send personal emails. Check-in with your current and past clients, as these are contacts you have relationships with. Show compassion, be tactile, and stay in touch.
  7. Concept. It’s a wonderful time to concept and dig deep in your projects and shoot more personal work. Explore your current interests and passions. Establish some goals and use the time to build momentum.
  8. Revisit your imagery. Look into your archives and think about your current visual voice as you do an updated edit that can be used to refresh your website, future marketing materials, and social posts. This discovery can inspire new work and a fresh perspective.
  9. Show your passion. Showcase personal work, your unique eye, and how you express yourself. With creatives working from home, this is an opportunity to inspire and get noticed. Creating images is not only therapeutic but a beautiful way to illustrate things that are hard to say.
  10. Experiment. Break out of your comfort zone. Discipline yourself to focus on your limited resources; the commitment to working within those parameters can push your creative process. It allows you to go beyond the expected.

Don’t forget consistency is critical. You and your business need to stay present during challenging times. Continue your promotional efforts, remain engaged with your work community, and continue to be inspired and create. You might have to make adjustments in your marketing plan and lay the groundwork for future opportunities.

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