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Development Release 10.2


This morning the Development Team released version 10.2 of our application. This version included various bug fixes and a couple of major features:

Universal Search

We have introduced a universal search that will search contacts, companies, and brands which appears in the header of the Directory section of our app. This is an autocomplete-style search box that finds the most relevant results to your search. We hope that this exposes some of our hard-to-find data like brands and makes the overall user experience better all around.

Directory Dashboard

We have eliminated the launchpad search pages and instead have one directory dashboard that contains our Universal Search and recently added contacts and companies.

My Contacts Section

We have removed Personal Contacts from the directory and have given them their own section. In order to see your personal contacts, you have to click the new My Contact icon in our global navigation sidebar. There is no change to how they look or function, however, they are no longer mixed in with Directory contacts and the contact type toggle has been removed from the filter bar since it is no longer necessary.

Brands Profile Pane

Every brand now is clickable and will reveal a profile pane with any information we can provide for that brand.

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