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Development Release 10.4


Today the Development Team released version 10.4 of our application which includes the following features:

Emailer Section Updates

We have updated the design look of the Email section to match the rest of the app and the new design vision. There is now a sidebar with menu items for Draft, Scheduled, Sent, & Archive. To create a new Email click the Green plus sign-in at the top of the sidebar.

Updates to Task Section

List Tag Redesign

We created an inline UI panel to manage lists and tags. We no longer show a big modal in the center of the screen, instead, a more compact UI will appear right next to the link you clicked. We have also changed the functionality of the checkbox. We no longer will show a dash in the checkbox if some of the contacts belong to a list or tag. That was too confusing, now the checkbox will only be checked if ALL selected contacts belong to the tag or list. Otherwise, the checkbox will be blank, this allows the member to either add or remove all the selected contacts from the list or tag. This will prevent users from unknowingly untagging contacts.

Modal Tag Redesign (Manage tags/add to list modals)

PDF Labels from Toolbar

Now whenever you select multiple Directories or Personal contacts, you will have the ability to Print PDF labels from the action menu of the toolbar that appears at the bottom of the grid. Having the ability to print PDF labels for personal contacts is new functionality for users to enjoy.

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