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Development Release 10.5


This morning the Development Team released version 10.5 of our application which includes the following:

Upgrade Call to Actions for members who do not have a Global membership

As members search our Directory, they will see a row in the grid telling them how many more contacts they would have access to if they upgraded.

Reciprocal Contact Notifications

When members search for a contact in the directory if there are matching results in My Contacts there will be a notification at the top of the grid letting the member know they have matching results in the My Contacts section. This is also true when a member is searching their own contacts, if there is a matching result in our Directory the notification will appear with a link for the member to see.

Add/Edit Contact Redesign

We have redesigned the UI for adding and editing contacts. We now have everything on one page in sections instead of tabbed areas.

Design Tweaks to Various Sections to Achieve Consistency Throughout the App

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