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Personal Social Media Profiles


All of the companies and contacts in the Creative Directory include a LinkedIn profile but over the last two months, our Research Team has made a dedicated and deliberate effort to include more personal social media profiles for individuals.

The purpose behind this endeavor is so our members can be more intentional with their personalized outreach, whether that's checking out a creative's Instagram to see if they can establish any common ground amongst interests and hobbies or exploring their Behance profile to see what types of projects they've worked on over the years.

We started this push the first week of July with 2,500 Contacts having at least one Personal Social Media link (outside of LinkedIn). As of 8/11/22, there are currently 8,123 contacts with Personal Social Media added!

Over the last five weeks, we have added a Personal Social channel to 5,500+ Contacts.

This is our most time-consuming task while updating but proving to be well worth it for the quality of our data!

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