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The Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


For many people, Instagram serves as a daily inspiration porthole, and as we know, there is a tremendous amount of excellent Instagram accounts out there! We, the consultants at Agency Access, are giving you a little taste of some of the brand influencers, artists, magazines, and collectives that we go to when we are desperately craving some creative inspiration.

Photographers & Artists

  1. Pat McGrath

If color and glitter are your vibe, we have the account for you. Pat McGrath, a creative beauty expert, curated her Instagram to showcase her love for all things beautiful.

2. Theron Humphrey

A self-proclaimed wild heard, add Theron to your list of follows if you're looking for a new spot to find your daily dose of happiness.

3. Tobias Hägg

Stockholm-based photographer, Tobias Hägg, uses his account to display a strikingly beautiful collection of texture, color and breathtaking aerial shots.

4. Our Food Stories

Next to their love for food, Berlin-based food stylist and photographer duo, Nora and Laura have a huge passion for good design and interiors.

5. Eeva Mäkinen

Eeva feels most like herself when she's outdoors, soaking up all the beauty nature has to offer. Check out her account & take a virtual stroll through nature and beautiful landscapes.

6. Ami Vitale

Photographer & Nikon Ambassador, Ami strives to help us see our interconnectedness and immerses viewers into a world you might not get a chance to see.

7. Art Streiber

For an example of how to properly mix business with personal imagery, Art does it right. He gives his viewers a BTS look into how he creates his stunning imagery.

8. Mario Sorrenti

With a focus on black and white with pops of color mixed in, Mario Sorrenti's account gives us a nice blend of both his personal and commercial work.


  1. Marc Jacobs

A good example of a brand and person coming together for Instagram, you can feel the personality through the images he posts, making you feel connected and always wanting more.

2. Doen

With a seamless blend of photography and illustration, this account is not your regular fashion account. Doen is full of style, color, trends, and even casting ideas.

3. The Row

This whole Instagram is a vibe and we’ve got a major crush. This retail account really uses their Instagram to bring you into their aesthetic.

4. Chanel

It’s Chanel - is there anything more we need to say? This account shows the history of the iconic brand. With a combination of fashion, beauty, accessories and more - it's easy to get lost on this stunning account.

5. LaCroix Sparkling Water

Vibrant, eye-catching colors combined with a wonderful, creative post-production that brings an overall vision to their Instagram feed.

6. Taco Bell

It might sound crazy, but they are seriously killing it as a successful brand Instagram account. A lesson on how to bring your business to life with a playful and engaging tone.

7. Stetson

American heritage company since 1865, Stetson is a great example of a brand showing their lifestyle and heritage via their Instagram feed.

8. Goop

With a mantra that begs you to make every choice count, Goop's Instagram is extremely innovative and artistic while keeping a down to earth vibe.

9. Nars Cosmetics

Did you know the NARS brand was founded by a photographer? Francois Nars founded the company in 1994 and is now a pioneer in social media.

Magazines & Collectives

  1. Somewhere Magazine

This account serves inspirational international photography that covers all specialties from fashion to travel.

2. Pop My Eyes

Looking to add some edginess to you feed? Well then, Pop My Eyes is the place you want to be. They've got it all - art, culture and some awesome sh*t.

3. The Pink Lemonade

Art + lifestyle brand, The Pink Lemonade has created the perfect place where images and ideas collide; forcing you to think a little more creatively.

4. Cherry Bombe

With an emphasis on showcasing women in food + beverage, the Cherry Bombe brand gives us a contemporary look at food and the culture surrounding it.

5. Food52

WARNING: don't look at this account when you're hungry! Food52 has the perfect blend of lifestyle, health and yummy recipes for you try at home.

6. Another Magazine

AnOther Magazine boasts their modern eye on fashion, culture and ideas. With a seamless creative and cultural blend, you'll never get tired of scrolling through this feed.

7. Kinfolk Magazine

An established editorial with a clear vision of simple elegance, the magazine delves deep into home, work, style and culture to name a few and promotes quality of life and community.

Marketing inspiration

  1. Etsy Success

Not your typical marketing/business advice company, but their posts are chock full of advice and inspiration for successfully running your Etsy shop.

2. Creative Advertising

We love seeing all the creative outdoor ads from all over the world! The name says it all; it's incredible what brands come up with to advertise.

3. CreativeLive

They said it best, there's a creator in all of us. CreativeLive is a wonderful place for inspiration and community that includes photos from their students, instructors, and team.

4. Canva

If you're a creative person and don't have Canva, what're you doing? This is an awesome design tool that provides a plethora of templates and inspiration for everyone.

5. Marketing 360

The #1 marketing platform and business management software for small business - Marketing 360 is the business management software you never knew you needed.

6. Your Social Team

You may think you have it all figured out but even the best Instagrammers need help. This is a great resource full of tips and free guidance.

7. Garyvee

If you don't no who Gary Vaynerchuk is, then follow you must! There’s truly no one more iconic than the original digital marketing guru himself.

8. Wunderman Thompson

Inspiring growth for ambitious brands, Wunderman Thompson identifies as part creative agency, part consultancy and part technology company making them a resource for trends and overall marketing practices.

That wraps it up for now - keep an eye out for more inspiring accounts to follow! In the meantime, keep those creative juices flowing.

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