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Welcome to the New Directory


The strength of our Directory has always been the starting place for our members to find new contacts and grow your businesses. We are thrilled to announce a major update, introducing new features and refinements to make searching easier than ever before. Whether you're looking for a specific contact, want to find out which agency has a particular brand, or a mailing address, our new Directory lets you do more than ever before.

Read on to discover what's in store with our biggest ever update.

Advanced Search Filters

Get to the data you need more quickly and easily. Search keywords using "contains" or "starts with" to help you find more info that before. Search based on company type, location, or job title/role, adding more filters to drill down for better results.

Here's more information on the new search filters.

Company Types

We've added more specialties for every company type in our Database, so you get more information on what they do and whether you might be a good fit. This new data builds on the specialties already included, with specialties now added for graphic design firms, architecture firms, fine art, media companies, production houses, and record companies.


With the WFH climate still in full swing, our members are looking for local and regional work more than ever before. So, now you can narrow your search by country, region, state, and metro city areas.

Role & Positions

Fine Tuning FTW! With our latest update, you'll now see more job titles than ever before, and at companies where this info was previously unavailable. Your list building process is now more straightforward, more accurate, and easier to navigate.

Search Features for Your Personal Contacts

You've always enjoyed the benefit of adding your personal contacts to the Database, and now you'll be able to see personal and Directory contacts side by side. Are you searching for contacts and companies in the Directory? Now your contacts will also appear in that result. And, you can toggle between your personal contacts and the Directory contacts with just a click.

Introduction to Tags

Tagging is a whole new way to engage with the Directory, and you're going to love it! Create custom tags to organize your contacts or to flag contacts you want to email. Want to send a special promo to 20 select art producers? Create a tag called "special promo" and start picking. It really is that easy.

Find out who Wants your Promos

Not everyone in our Directory is open to receiving marketing. And we respect that. With the new Promo Preferences feature, you can easily see who's open to promos – and who isn't. Use the new tagging feature to highlight those who don't, and plan out your marketing with more insight.

Add Custom Fields

Enter your details with the new Custom Fields feature. Add new fields to any contact, Directory, or personal, to keep all the info in one place. This is a great way to add a cell phone number or a personal email address.

Adding Notes

As you start to build relationships with contacts, you can now keep important notes for them. From where you met, to conversations you've had, keep all those important details right in the Directory. Add as many notes as you like. There are no limits.

Creating Tasks

Need to remember to send someone a promo? Have an upcoming portfolio meeting? Use the new task feature, so you never forget. Select from standard task types or create your own, select the date, and add the details. It's that easy! Once complete, mark it as done, and it'll move into your completed tasks.

Bulk Importing Your Personal Contacts

For the time being, bulk uploads for your personal contacts will need to be done using the old site. These contacts will be automatically tagged with the list name you enter. Need help? The member support team is here to assist: You can still upload your personal contacts individually using the "Add Contact" feature and add custom tags or features.

What's Up Next?

More exciting updates are underway and will be launching soon. Better features for task management, custom fields, tagging, and advanced notifications that tie into iCal, Google Cal, and push notifications are just some of the things we're working on.

As always, we'd love your feedback on the new release or any other ideas you may have to make the Directory work harder for you. Drop us a line anytime at

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