Portfolio Build

Create a showcase that sells.

The new selling paradigm

Show Buyers what they are looking for.

A vision-based approach

Getting noticed is tough. Gone are the days of the generalist. Today, buyers are looking for artists with a clearly defined visual approach. We'll work with you to define your visual signature and help you position yourself as an artist with a unique take on your topic.

Pin-sharp focus

With a ton of competition saturating the market, the way to break through and get noticed is to become a specialist. We'll help you develop and explore your visual niche and suggest clients your work would be perfect for. Standing out from the crowd starts here.

A complete body of work

Having a few strong images is great and all, but it's not enough to get you hired. The key to getting noticed and start landing jobs is to show buyers a collection of images which communicate your unique visual approach. Don't know where to start? We can help.

The fix for blurry vision

Show your work in a whole new light.

  • Consultation

    Our Portfolio Build program starts with a one-on-one meeting with one of our creative consultants. Together, you'll work through a tear-sheet exercise designed to help you hone in on and ultimately articulate your unique visual approach. You'll walk away with a clear positioning statement that will be used to guide you in redefining your portfolio.

  • Edit

    Next, your consultant will edit your existing body of work and extract only the images that reflect your new positioning statement. The result will form the foundation of your new portfolio. From there, you'll determine how many additional images you need to shoot in order to properly showcase your vision and gain the trust of clients.

  • Shoot + Build

    The last step of the program is to get out and shoot new work. Your consultant will guide you through the process — using your new visual approach as a filter — helping you to concept shoots and plan individual shots while providing critiques and further editing your work. You'll end up with a portfolio which communicates a unique vision — yours.

A focused result

The difference is night and pay.

"To be personal in our own photographic production is something not always obvious. I have never had hesitation that working with Agency Access on their Portfolio Build Program was a real challenge. I realized since the beginning that their program was the most effective experience I could have had in order to define my style. I felt immediately the taste of a real career.

The right example and a constructive criticism are the best teaching process, hard work and attention to details were my reaction. Then I started to be conscious of what was the right direction.

All that was thrilling because I started seeing my work changing through an exciting and dynamic process. The whole experience I had with the Portfolio Build Program was very important for me, and now, that is a strong basis of my professional work."

Matteo Malavasi, Photographer