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Angela DeCenzo lands gig with Wine Spectator.

San Francisco-based commercial photographer Angela DeCenzo found an exciting opportunity with the help of Agency Access’s CMPro program.

She grew up in North Florida and both of her parents used photography as a creative outlet, subsequently sparking her desire and interest in the field. Angela’s main areas of expertise are lifestyle, travel, food and editorial. Angela has always had a way with composition; she integrates the graphical elements and tones of her imagery harmoniously with incredible ease and grace. Pair that with her poised use of focus and blur, and you’ll see why Angela has clearly earned her reputation as a highly touted commercial photographer. When Angela linked up with Agency Access, she put us to work, and as a result of her email promos and direct mail, she landed a job with Wine Spectator Magazine for a travel story on Mendocino County.

“I love to travel for shoots, both near and far, so I’m thankful I get to do so often,” Angela replied when she was asked about her experience with the job. “People in wine country tend to be genuinely welcoming and quality minded, so that was a pleasure to be around.”

Having those elements present definitely makes shooting much less stressful, and it made Angela very upbeat about the entire experience. We asked her how the shoot was received, and she replied, “Wonderfully!” which makes working with Angela all the more gratifying for the team at Agency Access. Thanks to our CMPro services, we were able to give Angela a fulfilling and exciting experience.

One of Angela's photos from her shoot with Wine Spectator Magazine.