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Joanne Hus books job with SportsBusiness Journal.

A few months ago, Connecticut-based illustrator and CMPlus subscriber Joanne Hus found an awesome job through FoundFolios. She was contacted by Ross Nethery of SportsBusiness Journal after he saw her work on FoundFolios and he asked her to create the cover for their 20th anniversary issue.

Joanne defines herself as, “intuitive, goofy, fun loving right brain meets analytical, deadline-driven, all-business left brain.” She knew her familiarity with branding combined with her skills in drawing and illustrating made her the right person for the job.

“The anniversary issue is a celebration of 20 years of publishing two products - SportsBusiness Daily and SportsBusiness Journal - that are written for and about people who make their living in the sports industry,” said Ross. “Because our readership is so varied, it is difficult to come up with a concept that encompasses everything that we and our industry have touched on over the years.”

What was so challenging about the project, according to Joanne, was that she needed to find a way to incorporate the changes in the sports industry since 1994. After working closely with the client through several sketches and revisions, she came up with an illustration that truly embodied the changes in the industry. It is a cover that, according to her client, shows the idea that sports content can be accessed from more devices, and it’s also a cover that still entices people to go to the games.

FoundFolios is a growing, feature-rich portfolio site for talented photographers, illustrators, and commercial artists to share their work. Creatives also use FoundFolios to find artists for their upcoming projects, which is exactly how Ross Nethery found Joanne. Since then, she also got a new client who is already talking about repeat business and, according to Joanne, “that’s the best kind of client!”

Joanne Hus's creation for the cover of SportsBusiness Journal.