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John Fedele lands healthcare campaign for returning client.

John Fedele of Fedele Studios has been working very hard with his team over the past four years to produce and perfect still and motion content. Because of their ability to offer still and motion services, they were the perfect candidates for a healthcare campaign gig that required them to shoot a series of print ads and a 30-second TV spot.

Last year, the loyal Agency Access CMPlus customer sent out an email promo. Unexpectedly, an agency from out of town called Fedele Studios and asked them to bid on their upcoming healthcare project. John and his team ended up landing the gig due to the fact that they could provide still and motion services and the style that the agency wanted. This allowed the client to present a consistent look across all of the different types of media.

The shoot was on a very tight deadline - they had three days in total. On day one they had three different lifestyle setups, and on days two and three they needed to shoot over 60 doctor and actor portraits.

“The schedule was certainly ambitious, but our preproduction process provided us the plan to get in and get every shot we needed while keeping the shoot enjoyable for all involved,” said John. “Sometimes maybe a bit too enjoyable as there were many moments filled with blasting music and dancing doctors on set. We certainly keep it fun for everyone!”

When we asked John what he learned from the experience, he gave us a few great tips that all photographers should take into consideration: cover every detail in production, keep the shoot fun for all involved, put together a top-notch crew, and, of course, bring home great images.

“How do we know that these tips are reliable?” John added, “The agency hired us again this year, so we’re currently wrapping up their 2014 campaign and now have yet another project in the works with them. That’s how.”

One of John's final ads for the healthcare campaign.