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Photographer Josh Geyer spent two years in Los Angeles perfecting his photographic craft before returning to his home state of Georgia to work in his favorite city in the world, Atlanta. An adventurer with a taste for capturing his Southern roots blended with his own take on vibrant fashion aesthetics, Josh has never slowed in his pursuit of what is just around the corner. His creative influences range from French Impressionists to New Wave rockers, and his style is often described as intimate and surreal. When he’s not behind the lens, he’s working on his ‘89 BMW or Yamaha Cafe Racer and plotting his next move.

Josh always keeps his eyes open for opportunities to showcase what his city has to offer and one particular event caught his eye. After shooting rally cross racing for SCCA, Josh heard that the Red Bull Soapbox Race would be coming to Atlanta. Naturally, this event wasn’t to be missed and Josh wanted to be on the frontlines for it. He approached Atlanta Magazine and presented his work from the rallycross races as direct evidence this hit on a personal passion of his.

The publication expressed their interest and just one day before the race arrived, Atlanta Magazine called Josh to ask if he still had the time, would he like to go shoot the Red Bull Race. Without hesitation, Josh began to prepare his gear to head out to cover the derby. Coincidentally, his birthday fell on the same day, allowing him to spend his birthday on the job in an unexpected and memorable way.

Shot at the Red Bull Soapbox Race