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Landry Major lands Intel Campaign and works with our estimators.

Landry Major is a firm believer that a true hero lies within all of us. Specializing in portraits of MMA Fighters and top athletes, Landry has risen to the top as the “girl who photographs some of the toughest men in the world.”

When an agency she had previously worked for approached her about working on a big ad campaign for an incredibly well known corporation, Landry knew it would be a large-scale assignment. It was an international job with a worldwide shoot in addition to a US shoot. Two separate estimates were requested by the company and Landry knew just who to reach out to.

She connected with Amanda Sosa Stone, who she had worked with and known for years. Amanda introduced her to Anna who does the estimating at Agency Access. From that point on, Landry said that Anna became an invaluable tool for making the estimating come together. While the parameters of the shoot were constantly subject to change, Anna helped with every single adjustment as they came up.

“I was busy with the pre-production end of the shoot, so I could just email or call Anna and she would shoot me back the changes. I would highly recommend to every photographer to use a pro estimator at least once to see how it should be done.”

The job was for Intel and it was an internal and social media campaign highlighting the fact that the employees are truly what make the company so special. Intel flew in fifteen employees from around the world who are absolutely brilliant and innovative at their jobs. They sought to give these employees a completely unique, special experience and they succeeded. Landry noted that the team received several emails from people they shot for the campaign after the fact, saying the way they were treated changed their lives.

Intel employee Keylin is celebrated for her many accomplishments and contributions, inspiring others from the inside out.