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Ask Me Anything: Research Director, Michael Cassella

Agency Access is bigger and better than ever and we're not just saying that. Our beloved Research Director Michael "Mikey" Cassella answers some of the most frequently asked questions about getting the most out of the Agency Access Creative Directory and building better and more effective mailing lists. ‌

Over the last two years, with Mikey at the helm of our research team, we've added hundreds of companies (which equates to thousands of contacts); and updated countless companies' profiles and account data.

In our first "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) learn how our research team is tracking down creatives at in-house at corporations, adding women/minority-owned companies, and how we've been expanding on specialties and adding new types of companies such as cannabis, AI, and startups.

We know people move around in this industry like crazy- from one agency or magazine to the next- Mikey touches on how we have designated specific staff on our research team to follow those breadcrumbs and make updates to our database accordingly- we've even started to add individual's personal social media profiles.

Tune into Mikey's first "Ask Me Anything" to hear how we keep the database relevant, how we navigate the remote-work landscape amidst the Pandemic, and how we follow creative decision-makers around this ever-changing job market.

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