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Ask Us Anything: A Look Inside Our Research Department

Lindsay Raimondo

May 6, 2022

Behind every successful company is a group of hardworking, dedicated individuals who know what needs to be done to be the best. Here at Agency Access, that’s our incredibly talented and attentive Research Department. The backbone of our company is our immaculately kept database, so we borrowed some of our Director of Research, Michael “Mikey” Cassella’s time and got some of YOUR most asked questions answered. Check out below the inner workings of the Agency Access Research Department.

What does "Unreachable By Email" mean in simple terms?

I can certainly understand where some confusion may lie, that is why I would think of it as "Emails Unreachable When Reaching Out in Bulk" or "Handle This Email With Care". When we are updating, and verifying these types of email addresses we are finding that the best route for success is as a one-off email or smaller, more refined lists. Leaving us to our reasoning for developing the "Email Unreachable" promo preference to better serve our members.

My company request was added but I am not seeing any of the typical Creative/Art contacts listed. Why?

This is something that happens a lot when members send submissions over to my department. We of course go into every company with the hope of adding Creatives, but sometimes it is not always possible. Two things that make a difference are the size of the company and the type of company it is. If we get a request for a big Ad Agency with 100+ employees listed you better believe we are going to have a great turnout with all the desirable titles. But if we get a request for a small mom and pop shop the contacts listed are going to be more on the Executive side because that is truly the only and best way of reaching out. One other example would be certain corporations that may be huge in company size but do not have in-house creatives, the Marketing and Department Managers will be the key people to connect with.

What would be a tip for searching the directory?

Something I always like to let members know is utilizing the "Date Added" filter. Being able to sort by what we have added over the last week, two weeks, month, and so on. Giving you a leg up on starting some new relationships with freshly added companies and contacts.

What are the type of companies the Research Department is adding on a daily basis?

Adding companies is something we love doing as a team, whether it's a member request for Fashion & Cosmetic companies or something we found internally like a new office opening up for a notable Advertising Agency, every day we are getting these new listings added to the directory. With this industry constantly changing and evolving we do our best to evolve with it. We have been hard at work recently growing the database in areas like Women & Minority Owned, as well as companies making an effort to better the planet which is something we have in the works so, keep an eye out for these updates that will be live on our platform in the near future!

What steps should I take if I am not seeing the specific information I was looking for?

The easiest way for our team to help in this situation is for you to compile a list of what you are looking for and to send it to where our team can do an extensive look at the things you have requested. Our team will respond with their findings as soon as your request is completed.

How do we know this information is accurate and up-to-date?

We add companies and creative contacts to our database daily, and in addition to this, we check in on these companies every three months and re-verify everything by hand. No robots here! We've got real, human eyes checking for new contact details or out-of-date information.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

For me the satisfaction of being able to complete a member request, especially when it was a tricky one. The high of finding a great contact we maybe didn't have doesn't get old even after years of being in this department. The biggest thing that really gets me going every day is having a team that shares the same love and passion for the work we do; it really makes all the difference in how we handle the day-to-day.

What qualifies as bad data and what do you avoid when adding new information to the database?

I love this question as it goes hand in hand with our current workflow. There are a few things that we are looking out for when either updating or adding a company within the database. One is the social presence, if we are not seeing any recent posts or the pure lack of any social media accounts for the company, we would then look to possibly remove it from the site. Another thing is the lack of contacts to be found. If we are not feeling confident or have enough sources we will then look to remove them. And lastly the upkeep of a company's website. If an Ad Agency has a site that feels like you stepped back into the early 2000s odds are they are not going to be a company we want to keep for our members. We keep the mindset of "how or who will this company help" when making the decision of adding or updating a listing.

With a lot of companies now having remote employees, how have you guys handled keeping that data correct?

We made a really big effort to keep this type of data accurate for members. Between speaking to receptionists when we are updating information and asking if remote employees are getting their mail forwarded, where we get a lot of reassurance that it will. Along with a new feature on our site, where we are indicating specific cities for these contacts when their location differs from the company they are working with. For example, if we have an Art Director working for BBDO New York but are listed as being in Pennsylvania, we would add that location to the specific contact so everyone knows going forward where they are based. This is something you would only see when viewing the contact.

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