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Creating Content that Both Customers and Search Engines Love


These days almost everyone is using blogs to post content that captures the attention of their readers. However, the biggest challenge that content marketers and bloggers are facing is churning out content that not only appeals to customers but is optimized for search engines as well.

If you wish to thrive in your small, mostly online business, you need to write content that both search engines and customers love. In order to do that, you must remember that the content you provide to your readers must appeal to them and solve a particular problem.

When you create the content that appeals to the end-user and solves a particular problem, you will not only impress your readers, but even the search engines will love your words! The question is how do you create such content?

Craft the Perfect Headline

If the headline of your content is mediocre, the reader may not bother clicking on your post and all the valuable content you have written will go to waste. Don’t waste your valuable copy by not crafting a compelling headline.

When writing content that appeals to both readers and search engines, always craft a headline that captures the attention of your audience and prompts them to click and read further. A successful writer always creates a compelling and relevant headline before starting out the rest of the blog post.

Content That Speaks to the Reader

The main reason people search on Google is to find useful pieces of information that can help them out. Before you begin writing your content, you must understand your ideal reader. Then think about a particular problem that might be troubling your reader and base your content on that. Write your content to solve that problem of the reader through your words.

Start off with a compelling introduction that captures the attention of your readers. Give them a reason to pay attention to your content and read through the whole thing. In the body of the content, use SEO keywords, but don’t go overboard with them. Remember, the goal is to provide useful information to your readers instead of just stuffing in keywords.

Research accurate information related to your topic and present it in your posts to make them more informative and interesting. A data-driven approach has proven effective in creating content and improving social shares of your posts.

Optimize Content for Web Crawlers

Search engine web crawlers are programs that scour websites and web pages constantly. When a web crawler scours your page, it looks for freshly updated content. It is said that crawlers actually feed on freshly updated content and reward the websites that update content regularly.

The most important thing you should know is that web crawlers look for the keywords that you are targeting. This helps the search engines determine which industry will benefit from your content. So, in order to get best results, add the keywords that you’re targeting in the introduction of your content and make sure that it syncs with the text and flows well.

By working on these things, you can craft content that both readers and search engines will love. When both readers and search engines love your content, your search engine ranking will improve and you’ll be able to get more clients to your website!

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