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What Is a Social Media Kit for Photographers?


A strong social media strategy is essential in marketing your business, but posting to multiple social channels consistently can become a time-consuming process. Without established brand guidelines and social templates, you could spend hours creating and publishing content to promote and share your photography. A social media kit can save you from content burnout and increase your productivity.

What is a social media kit?

In this article, we’ll explain what one is and what to include in your own media kit.

What Is a Social Media Kit?

A social media kit is a detailed outline of any branding information needed to create and publish your social media and digital marketing campaigns. This could also include social media templates that have the established branding and tone needed to quickly create new content.

What Is a Social Media Kit Used for?

Without proper planning and execution, haphazardly posting to your social channels can lead to confusion for your audience. Whether it’s frequent color and font changes or different tones within your imagery, a lack of cohesion within your digital content can become a detriment to your brand’s growth.

You want to be sure that, when your audience sees your post or digital content piece, they recognize it’s really your business without having to look at the name attached to it. Using a social media kit can help maintain your brand when creating new digital content for your business. It’ll keep your content on-point with cohesive images, colors, patterns, and tones that fit within your brand guidelines.

In addition, it can help save an enormous amount of time when you’re in the planning and content creation stage. By using your social media kit templates, you can plug in and publish (with a few slight tweaks) the content you want to share with your audience.

What Is Included in a Social Media Kit?

To save time and make the content creation process easier, a social media kit should include templates for all your necessary social media channels. For example, if you use Instagram and Facebook for your business, you would want to include templates for:

  • Stories
  • Feed posts
  • Cover images
  • Ads

Whether you use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, or any others, it’s important that you create templates that are specifically designed for your specific audiences on those platforms. As well, you’ll want to pay attention to the sizing for each platform and how those templates will size responsively across devices. Each social platform has multiple sizing specifications for different types of images. Find yourself an image creation tool that will allow you to create templates and simply resize them for each platform.

Not only do you want to create templates by social platform, but you’ll also want to create templates by brand design and inspiration. If you frequently have brand announcements, quotes, or certain imagery, create templates that can make the creation of those content pieces an easier, smoother, and faster process. Remember that each platform’s audience could be interested in different types of content and subjects, so focus on the demographics and engagement analytics of each platform when looking for design and inspiration.

How Photographers Can Make Their Own Media Kit

Social media kits can certainly alleviate some of the more tedious and repetitious content creation work. Creating a social media kit can help you tell your brand’s story through visual interactions. However, did you know that a media kit can also be used for the consistent promotion of your photography brand to potential clients and partnerships?

Similar to a social media kit, a media kit for your brand includes information that communicates your brand, goals, and achievements to others in a clear and concise format. A media kit should include:

  • Your brand story
  • High-resolution images of yourself and your work
  • Metrics and data to back up your niche authority
  • Reviews from past clients
  • Sponsorship guidelines
  • Your contact information

When telling your brand story, tell a bit about who you are and what you focus on as a photographer. Share where you are located and even a story about how you might have gotten started in your industry. Explain the type of photography styles you can offer your client and why they would want to work with you. This section is where you can make yourself shine.

Next, you’ll want to include an image of yourself, but, more importantly, a bit of your portfolio. You can include some example images within the media kit and provide a link to your full portfolio. The example images should be your top, high-quality work and immediately show the potential client what they can expect if they decide to work with you.

Metrics and data can give your client further insight into who your work targets and what type of audiences you have worked with in the past. This could be demographics of previous projects, insights for website visitors or social media following, and online engagement with your brand.

Social proof can always help when trying to book a new project. Providing a potential client with some strong positive reviews from your current and past customers can reassure them that they’re making the right choice in booking you. This is where you can highlight any previous client work and include recognizable logos or partnerships you might have had. Give details of what a sponsorship or partnership looks like with your brand and what value you can provide.

As well, don’t forget to add your contact information, including email, phone number, and social media handles.

When running your own business, it’s important to work as efficiently as possible while still keeping your branding consistent. With a social media kit and brand media kit, your content creation and partnerships will run more effortlessly than ever.

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