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Adam Blasberg gets job with American Lawyer.

Canada native and photographer Adam Blasberg was given an exciting opportunity through the CMPlus services that he subscribed to through Agency Access - he was offered to shoot a portrait of a lawyer in Vancouver for a New York publication entitled American Lawyer. When he asked the art director where she got his contact information, she said that she had received an email promotion with an image from him.

“Obvious to me, it was an Agency Access email campaign,” Adam said.

The job went incredibly smoothly and Adam enjoyed it. He shot the lawyer on a rooftop that overlooked the ocean and the mountains in Vancouver. The best part about it, according to Adam, was that the Art Director was so excited and pleased with the shoot that she told Adam that she would hire him again in the future.

“The only way an art director is going to know you exist is if you promote to them,” Adam said when he was asked what he learned from the experience. “One way or another, promotion equals jobs.”

Not only did Adam find success with this particular project, he also found more success after the job was over. He used the portrait of the lawyer in an email blast and a direct mail piece that were sent out through Agency Access, which allowed him to find even more new connections.

“The promotional email landed me a job and that job created more marketing material,” Adam said. “It’s a delicious cycle that feeds me in more ways than one.”

The portrait that Adam shot for American Lawyer.