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Adele Godfrey is commissioned to shoot for Parigi Children's Apparel.

Adele Godfrey discovered her passion for photography at a time when most photographers do - picking up her first camera. At the early age of seven, Adele used her little spy camera to photograph the neighborhood boys playing with their G.I. Joes. Her love for capturing children followed her as she evolved into a professional children’s and baby’s fashion photographer.

Adele is currently a CMPro client. She worked with consultant Andrea Maurio to improve her image presentation and refine her portfolio.

“Special thanks to Andrea for initially helping me organize my photos, getting them to a cohesive presentation and helping me grow confident in my skills and knowledge of photography,” Adele praised.

During her first round of calls, former phone marketer (now copywriter) Holly Silva booked Adele a portfolio meeting with Parigi Children’s Apparel. Before even meeting with the contact, Adele was asked to create an estimate for an upcoming shoot. What was originally a portfolio meeting turned into a pre-production meeting.

“They booked me to shoot their Holiday 2014 Catalog for one of their brands,” Adele said. “We are creating a good working relationship and hopefully this will lead to shooting for some of their other brands.”

The shoot ran very smoothy once Adele arrived on set. Luckily for her, she double-checked the location of the shoot with a producer, who told her a completely different location than then man who hired her. This saved her from being over an hour late! Adele photographed babies and children up to nine years old at a country club in Pennsylvania. Adele is very happy and grateful that a phone marketing call through Agency Access opened up a huge door of opportunity for her.

“From this experience I learned not to be so afraid to go after clients I want to work for. Potential clients are looking for new talent and when the fit is right great things happen,” Adele said. “Having Agency Access on my side to get my name out there takes away my fear of reaching out to potential clients.”

An image from Parigi Children's Apparel Holiday 2014 Catalog, shot by Adele.