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Angela Coppola lands five meetings, five bid requests and three jobs.

New England-based photographer Angela Coppola has only been an Agency Access member for a little over a year - and to date, she’s landed 5 meetings locally and in New York City. Every meeting thus far led to a bid request - three of which turned into jobs.

Each meeting was a direct result of email and direct mail promos within her CMPro subscription. The three jobs were with Toy State, SkipHop, and Luquire George Andrews for a product launch of a product called MilkSplash.

“The email blast came across his desk at the right time,” Angela said of the meeting and job she landed with LGA. “I received an email from the creative director the next day.”

For the LGA gig, Angela and her team had to combine photography and video and make them match each other in order to keep the branding consistent. The most difficult aspect of the project was shooting both still photo and motion video within a short period of time, but with a lot aspects of the shoot constantly changing.

“The hardest part was integrating still, and on figure photography with video over two weeks and two locations and a set within the studio. Lots of moving parts and players,” Angela went on about some of the difficulties she faced. “Merging the color schemes of the product(s) from the wardrobe stylist to the prop stylist. Making sure the look, feel and lighting matched on both platforms of still photography and video.”

Despite the hardships during the shoot, overall, the gig went extremely well. In fact, Angela was hired to shoot with them again.

“The shoot was a tremendous success,” Angela said. “We shoot again for them next month.” When asked what she took away from her experience with Agency Access, Angela had one thing to say:

“Agency Access’s plan to target all aspects of promotion works.”

A photo from Angela's shoot with LGA for MilkSplash.