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Brian Tremblay shoots for Flanagan Food Service.

Not only is Brian Tremblay a talented commercial photographer, he’s also a remarkable person. He currently resides in Sault Saint Marie, Ontario, specializing in corporate, industrial and editorial photography. He’s optimistic, genuine, and a pleasure to speak with.

Brian’s determination to become a commercial photographer was at the expense of a high paying desk job that he decided to deep six in order to follow his passion. Although it sounds insane, Brian’s confidence allowed him to simply follow his heart. Brian’s photography has since been featured in galleries in Toronto, Sault Saint Marie, and Ottawa. Nowadays, when Brian isn’t snapping shots for magazines, publications or musicians, he is off rocking out with his band playing live shows. Knowing the importance of marketing, Brian contacted Agency Access and had us design and send out direct mail promotions on his behalf. Soon after, Brian was contacted by Bravada Communications and their client Flanagan Food Service for a gig.

“It was actually a dream shoot. When the creative director called and said, ‘You can shoot it anyway you want and you have all the time you need,’ I thought I had died and gone to heaven!” Brian recalled. “You just don’t get too many calls that allow you to let loose like that. The restaurant is called Embers Grill and Smokehouse; I had eaten there before and loved it.”

Even this dream job came with a challenge. According to Brian, the most difficult part of the shoot was keeping his hands to himself and not reaching out to grab any of the food! In terms of his experience with Agency Access, he learned a lot about the importance of frequent marketing, and is forever thankful for the help Agency Access has given him.

“The way I look at it is: anyone who helps me with my work is a part of the reason I’m successful,” Brian said. “Agency Access and my consultant Karen D’Silva have given me some great advice in the past, and I know it will continue into the future - especially when renewal time comes around and the account representatives give me a ‘kick in the ass’ for not sending out enough emails!”

A photo from Brian's shoot for Flanagan Food Service.