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Cameron Carothers lands multiple face-to-face meetings.

The average Agency Access phone marketing cycle books one meeting and six electronic portfolio requests. That alone is a pretty impressive figure, but Cameron Carothers can vouch for the potential for more - much more.

“On this last cycle, out of 28 calls, Nicole got me 19 PDF requests and one face-to-face meeting,” Cameron said of his phone marketing specialist Nicole Bohlman’s competency. “That’s fantastic work!”

Residing in California, Cameron specializes in award-winning architecture, interiors, and product photography. According to his website, he has been providing images to a number of clients since 1988 and has a degree a marketing.

He’s been a CMPro customer with Agency Access for only a year and has been working with consultant Jennifer Kilberg. He said that Nicole’s expertise has allowed him to book “meetings I wouldn’t have had otherwise”. This includes one meeting that went so well that the organization’s marketing director had Cameron drive directly from their meeting to scout a recently finished project.

We’re very impressed and very proud of the work our employees have done in helping Cameron build his business, and we look forward to hearing about his next awesome accomplishment.

A shot of a residential interior from one of Cameron's email promos. (Wow, that's a nice place!)