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Christopher Winton-Stahle gets numerous meetings and bid requests.

Sometimes at Agency Access, we find that some of our customer’s success stories are truly remarkable and really exceed even our own expectations. Christopher Winton-Stahle is one such artist. He originally joined us based on a preexisting relationship with consultant Amanda Sosa Stone. He wanted to work with her, so he signed on as a Campaign Manager Pro member - and he’s currently in his second year of the program.

There were both rough and smooth patches along the way that would overwhelm even the most prolific of marketers: his family had just bought a new house, and a few weeks later Christopher found out his wife was pregnant. Six weeks after that, a tree fell on the family’s home. At that point, getting work was more important than ever.

“I don’t know how we would have gotten through the last ten months without Agency Access,” Christopher said. “They are a crucial part of our team (that) I can’t imagine being without.”

Countless doors were opened for the photographer through his email and telemarketing promotions-a meeting with a firm that handles Virginia tourism, a bid request from a limousine company, increased traffic to Christopher’s website from creatives who found images that they loved there.

Now the house is completely finished and his son Liam Dylan is about a year old, and Christopher tells us the support he received from Agency Access helped the family immensely in its time of need.

“I’ve never worked with a service provider that developed into a genuine friendship,” Christopher said. “I’m humbled by Agency Access’s service and friendliness.”

A collage showing off some of Christopher Winton-Stahle's favorite recent work.