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Craig Lee lands gig with Gauger + Associates.

San Franciscan native photographer, Craig Lee, is a firm believer in having your cake and eating it too. Not only has Craig accumulated many awards including the James Beard Team Award four years running, American Photographic Artist, National Press Photographers Association, to name a few, but he is also a passionate rock ‘n’ roll guitar player. He’s a team player who is moved by faith, hope, and love.

You could say his being a team player is what led him to his success with Gauger + Associates. Resulting from his phone marketer making calls on his behalf, Craig was hired by the ad agency to complete an ad campaign for Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse restaurant. They were looking for a photographer who could shoot food and people as well. They struck gold when they found out that Craig could do both, and well. Their main interest at first was whether or not he could photograph people with mood lighting to convey more of a low light look. Lucky for them, Craig is drawn to rich and moody light; he sent over samples and a meeting with Espetus was the result. Those sample photos were the reason Craig was chosen for this project. They provided diagrams and comp images for guiding and preparing him for the day of the shoot. “The ad agency staff was there watching the images appear as I took them and they were very happy with them”. Craig’s photos are now in magazine ads and billboards.

One of Craig's photos for Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse campaign.