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Earl Richardson lands three different jobs.

At the beginning of his Agency Access subscription, Kansas-based photographer Earl Richardson recalled, “I kind of felt like I was just sort of flailing about with the list.” Then the Kansas City-based photographer received a Campaign Manager Pro promotional email-and as a shrewd guy who wasn’t completely comfortable with doing his own marketing, it appealed to him. He signed onto the program, working with consultant Jennifer Kilberg, who he said was a great help when it came to choosing images for his website and promos.

“Photographers have a really hard time editing their own work,” Earl said.

Earl also joined Agency Access’s sister site FoundFolios as a Featured Artist, and this past fall he got a job from a visitor to the site that led to two more. Together, these gigs paid for all of Earl’s services under the Agency Access umbrella: his database membership, his CMPro campaign, and his FoundFolios account.

Working with Jennifer helped him to maintain this consistency, which was essential to his branding and therefore essential to his career as an artist.

“Agency Access and the Campaign Manager program just overall built more awareness about my branding,” Earl said. “Everything’s consistent, from the website to the portfolio to the direct mail and electronic promos.”

Some of Earl's work as featured in a recent email promo.