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Felix Sanchez lands assignment with Peter Mayer Advertising.

Houston-based photographer Felix Sanchez has been a loyal Agency Access member for a few years now. Through some promos sent out through his CMPlus subscription, he landed two jobs and booked a number of portfolio meetings in the Houston and Dallas areas. All of the clients he met and showed his work too, according to him, were very receptive to his work.

“Agency Access got me into at least 10 portfolio appointments,” Felix said. “That’s more than I’ve had in the past 5 years!”

Agency Access helped Felix land an assignment with Peter Mayer Advertising for a company called CenturyLink, the third largest telecommunications and high-speed internet company in the United States. He shot their week-long assignment last month.

In order to find the perfect locations for such a prestigious shoot and client, Felix went to great lengths. By posting on an online neighborhood kid’s group, he was able to find “the most awesome residential locations” for the shoot. Overall, Felix has been very pleased with the project as a whole.

“We’re working with an awesome cast of experienced talent and in beautiful locations and coming away with some great images for our client and potentially to add in my portfolio,” Felix said.

It doesn’t stop there. Felix also showed his portfolio to Limb Design Firm in Houston, and now he’s on schedule to shoot for them in a couple of weeks. Agency Access has helped Felix really keep himself busy and do what he loves - capture photos - while his work is being marketed for him.

A test shot Felix took of the talent he booked while tech scouting a location.