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Finn Richards sees success in Portfolio Build

Finn Richards was successful. He had an outstanding reputation and delivered strong, well-produced work. Amanda Sosa Stone and Finn worked together on the rebuilding of his portfolio. One of their main challenges was that he was not shooting the advertising work that fed his soul. They sat down and did the tear sheet exercise together, and they both had an “ah-ha” moment. Through that exercise, Finn revealed imagery somewhat like the Nighthawks painting by Edward Hopper. More emotion, dramatic lighting, and a feeling of something familiar. It turned out that Finn’s personal work was much more true to his vision. Before Finn and Amanda went through this process, Finn could not have imagined that his personal work would ever translate into his commercial work.

This one exercise changed many things for Finn. “I doubled my income from the previous year. More commercial work has ended up in my portfolio this year than any time before; it looks more like my personal work, and I’ve shot more personal work in the last 12 months than ever before. I got rid of my studio and now work remotely as virtually all of work is on location now. The work we have done has really changed the way I think about my work, and has helped me to find a direction that I love.”

One of Finn's photos post Phase I of the portfolio build.