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Howard Korn lands gig with local ad agency.

Baltimore-based photographer Howard Korn had been trying to get work for years from a local ad agency, but to no avail. He decided to join the Agency Access team as a CMPro member. Although it was a rough beginning for Howard, he eventually adjusted to the program.

“Honestly it took me about a year to warm up to CMPro,” Howard alleged. “But really, you all do the work that I hate.”

Once his phone marketing cycles began to take place during his campaign, the phone marketing team was able to book him a face-to-face meeting with the very same ad agency that he’d been trying to reach. That meeting led to a job, which was to shoot a series of images for a billboard advertisements for a local hospital. He had to shoot six different patients who had an orthopedic procedure - a swimmer, a fisherman, a landscaper, a lacrosse player, and golfer, and a softball player.

Since the shoot, the ad agency has become a regular client. Howard is thankful for Agency Access’s CMpro program, and now understands the importance of consistency and frequency in regards to marketing.

“The telemarketing has been huge for me because in the past I would never cold call perspective clients,” Howard said. “The other big bonus that I didn’t see coming was with my existing clients who now get reminded every two months that I’m still here making images.”

One of Howard's shots for a gig with a local hospital.