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Hudson Christie Lands Job with ESPN Magazine

Success is really what it’s all about; success is what makes it all worth it. Featured today is Hudson Christie, a recent graduate of OCADU, who describes himself as part sculptor, part photographer, and part painter. He has received accolades such as the 2014 Medal in Illustration from his Alma Mater for his thesis, Work-Life Balance.

Recently, Hudson reached out to ESPN Magazine’s Photo Editor, Stephanie Weed, with an email promo that contained just one animated gif and was given the opportunity of a lifetime! ESPN loved his gif so much, that they extended him an offer to contribute to their Instagram page. The magazine typically uses animation to hype up the release of a new issue regularly debuting the cover a few days before it hits newsstands. Hudson is eager to make his success known and allow his most excited success rise to the top. “I will proudly tout ESPN Magazine as a client whenever I can.”

Knowing how to describe yourself as an artist and which clients (past, present, or future) best represent you is crucial. Christie best describes himself in three parts; part sculptor, part- photographer, and part painter, doing all of these things imperfectly but the end result is always something he is proud of. Here’s a link to the browser version of Hudson Christie’s promo:

To see more work by Hudson Christie, visit his personal site as well as his Instagram page.

Hudson's artwork from his "Work-Life Balance" collection.