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James Kegley lands gig with Dartmouth Alumni Magazine.

James Kegley is a photographer based out of Washington DC and Baltimore, and he occasionally works on an international front. His areas of expertise range from educational, editorial, corporate and clients abroad. This diversity has drawn clients in since the mid 90‘s, growing his reputation mightily. Agency Access landed Campaign Manager Plus customer James a job with Dartmouth Alumni Magazine through his third cycle of email promotions. The assignment was to photograph Scott Nova for the Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, accompanied by a profile about him.

“The subject, of course, had limited time, so we had to do the shoot around his office. He was unfamiliar with being photographed,” James recalled about the shoot. “So he needed a lot of direction along with dialogue to keep him engaged throughout the process.”

Just like James, here at Agency Access we thrive on making our clients feel comfortable. It’s common for people to clam up during a shoot, but it’s obvious that James has a particular way of calming them, which is evident whether he’s photographing children at school or business executives in their offices. This is one of the many reasons clients keep coming back to him- the ability to get the job done efficiently with limited time. There were some other hiccups, however, according to James, like the distraction of a homeless man during the shoot. James, understanding the importance of find quick solutions, asked the man to come back later for more money, and he did.

The combination of James’s quick problem-solving abilities and Agency Access’s email promotion services allowed James to find a job and do it quickly and correctly.

“Being a photographer, you have to learn to think on your feet when something unexpected happens,” James said. “It’s just part of the job.”

Scott Nova, executive director of the Worker Rights Consortium