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Jamie Williams lands resort job one week after launching her new website.

With the help of consultant JP Perlmutter editing images with photographer Jamie Williams, she landed a new resort job one week after recently launching her new website.

Jamie feels it is also because of consistent marketing that clients think about her when they have a project.

Jamie says she gets asked all the time if she is happy with Agency Access and if they are landing jobs for her. She explains that Agency Access doesn’t “get her work”, she gets her own work

She feels that Agency Access is a marketing partner and not an agent as they don’t solicit clients directly on behalf of photographers. They provide consulting, a very in-depth client database and many marketing tools, but it is up to the photographer to follow through and close the deal.

Photographers need to be updating their websites and portfolios, go on portfolio showings, do test shoots, send out special promos, do personal projects, post regularly on social media, AND send out regular email promos, postcards and do telemarketing. That’s where she feels Agency Access is a huge benefit to a photographer’s marketing plan.

Jamie understands that consistency and patience is essential in marketing and it really pays off. She said, “Agency Access is a great investment for my business. They have helped me secure meetings with hard to reach clients and I have landed more projects in the last few years because of the CMPro Program”.

One of Jamie Williams' awesome resort shots.