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Jeff Herr lands job with Rooms to Go.

Campaign Manager Plus customer and Atlanta-based photographer Jeff Herr specializes in architectural, editorial, location, travel, food and garden photography. Having been in the business since 1992, Jeff has established himself as one of the premier commercial photographers in the business today. Jeff has maintained a grasp on the industry by integrating subtle yet substantial marketing techniques that keep his brand fresh.

Phone Marketing Manager Kristy Hopper contacted “Rooms to Go” on Jeff’s behalf, and set up a meeting with the art director. They ended up booking Jeff for the entire month of July. Jeff was thrilled to work for them, and was pleased that he was able to work with some old friends that he hadn’t seen in a while.

“An interesting challenge about the job was that there was no post production department, and the photographers had to do some major retouching. We had to insert outdoor scenes in the windows of the room sets, so in the final image it looks like they’re on location,” Jeff explained some challenges he faced on the job. “Before shooting here, I had never done this in Photoshop; we usually have a post-production team that handles those things. So, I’ve definitely sharpened my retouching skills.”

Jeff understands that one of the most important facets to long term success is the ability to adapt and change, and that possessing several skill sets will allow you to react quickly to any challenge brought to the forefront. The same goes for his understanding of marketing, and the Agency Access team was happy to have worked with Jeff as he continues to add more foundation to his success.

Jeff's photo taken for Rooms to Go