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Jeremy Shelby shoots an underwater gig for the Ft. Worth Opera.

Agency Access photographers learn that success is equated with consistency, a strong presence, and, of course, beautiful imagery. What some photographers do not know, however, is that success is also equated with timing. Sometimes, a buyer needs to see something that you’ve done at a time when they need something specific for a certain project. For CMPro client and Texas-based photographer Jeremy Shelby, that’s exactly what happened.

One of Jeremy’s Agency Access direct mail cards containing an underwater photo of a model wearing a flowing dress landed on the desk of an art buyer that had a friend at a local ad agency. The particular art buyer knew the other agency was in search of a photographer that had experience with shooting people underwater for their 2014 campaign for the Ft. Worth Opera. After passing along the direct mail card to the ad agency, Jeremy was asked create an estimate for the job. A few days later, he got a call and was told that he was chosen for the prestigious underwater production.

“[It] was an amazing experience,” Jeremy said of landing the gig. “I wouldn’t have landed the project without the efforts put forth by Agency Access.”

Jeremy and his team had to create images of several models underwater portraying different scenarios to reflect each of the different opera productions for their 2014 season. Currently, the finished images are being used on billboards, buses, bus benches, and, of course, their 2014 opera brochures.

From the experience as a whole, Jeremy learned that it’s a combination of what he does that books him work. One email or direct mail card won’t cut it; landing the job of your dreams requires time, patience, and consistent marketing.

“Just an email, a phone call, or some interesting card in a pile with other interesting cards won’t do,” Jeremy said. “It’s about always dropping as much bait as you can in the water and hoping that one day it lands on the desk of some big fish that has the hunger for that specific bait.”

A gorgeous underwater shot by Jeremy Shelby for Ft. Worth Opera.