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Joe Schmelzer gets work with Sub-Zero/Wolf Appliances.

Photographer Joe Schmelzer has been featured in the editorial pages of Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, House Beautiful, and Travel + Leisure. His success is a combination of his tireless work ethic, unique visual interpretations, and the help of Agency Access. He landed a job with Sub-Zero/Wolf Appliances through our Campaign Manager Pro Program.

The concept of the shoot was to turn the showrooms into “Living Kitchens,” which offer the consumer a unique opportunity to see the appliances in an actual kitchen environment rather than in rows and aisles. Joe notes “What makes these dealerships so special is they allow people to visualize how Sub-Zero and Wolf appliances will fit into their homes and lifestyles.” Art Director for the project David Stone was very pleased with Joe’s work.

“Joe did a great job working together with us to craft the final image,” David said. “Joe and his team were experts, efficient, and just a lot of fun to work with.”

His Campaign Manager team handled promo scheduling and list management, which allowed Joe to focus solely on what he loves to do - photography. Consultant Jennifer Kilberg worked closely with Joe to develop a target market which narrowed down prospective clients to those that would complement his specialties. This was all part of the brand overhaul Joe underwent when he first signed up for the CMPro program.

“The greatest advantage of Agency Access is to create a consistent and on-going look for my brand,” Joe stated. “The use of consistently designed emails, direct mails and follow-ups, this all helps me stay true to my brand’s message.”

Joe's work from the Sub Zero/Wolf shoot