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Jonathan Bielaski gets job with Report on Business Mag.

Photographer and CMPro member Jonathan Bielaski shoots environmental portraiture and currently resides in Canada. He specializes in environmental portraiture and, according to his website, “Every one of (his) photos tell a story of a person’s journey.” Jonathan says he’s “fairly busy as a photographer” - a sign his hard work with CM Pro pays off.

Recently, he’s had a handful of meetings with creative directors, as well as gotten bid requests from different ad agencies. Notably, following a recent meeting, he was hired to shoot for Report on Business Magazine, a monthly financial periodical published by The Globe and Mail with a readership of 1.2 million entrepreneurs and other business leaders. (The Globe and Mail, of course, is Canada’s paper of record, boasting the largest circulation of any national newspaper in that country. Not too shabby, Jonathan!)

“Amanda is really great,” Jonathan says of Amanda Sosa Stone, his consultant. As a Campaign Manager Pro member, he also takes advantage of the North American print database and phone marketing to book the many meetings he receives. Because he’s often busy, Jonathan makes good use of the guidance and regular reminders he receives from Amanda and campaign manager Christie Starace. “‘Jon, you should really get this out today,’” he laughed as he recalled their usual reminders.

Not only do the Campaign Manager programs provide a number of services for marketing, but they also provide consistency throughout, ensuring that every service within the program is performed in a punctual and efficient manner, which, as we all know, is very important in regards to marketing.

An example of Jonathan's excellent portraiture work.