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Jonathan Timmes gets job with McMurry/TMG.

Jonathan Timmes is a photographer who understands that adversity is merely a speck of dust on the lens of his camera. Residing in Georgetown in Washington, DC, his main areas of expertise are in advertising and editorial portraiture. At birth, Jonathan was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect, and has since recovered from two open heart surgeries. His work is a reflection of his drive to overcome any obstacle thrown his way.

Through his lens, capturing these moments in time with such passion is in direct correlation with his appreciation for life as a whole. Agency Access was thrilled to have Jonathan as a client, and even more thrilled to hear he landed a gig with McMurry/TMG through our Campaign Manager Pro services.

The project was commissioned to create a portrait of Stephen Dennis, technical director of the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA), for the 2012 summer issue of Fed Tech Magazine.

“At one point I recall two staff photographers for HSARPA popping in so they can observe our process. As we worked, we received a lot of praise from folks as they peaked at the camera’s LCD screen. I was even asked by one of the staff photographers if I teach lighting workshops,” Jonathan recollected. “The excitement of the staff really helped us gain credibility & trust with our subject while we shot. It was a lot of fun and the memory makes me smile a bit.”

Jonathan’s professionalism and ability to communicate are pivotal in the creation of long lasting connections. The first job led to further success due to the combination of Jonathan’s drive for success and the help of Agency Access.

“The job was very well received,” Jonathan said. “Since that first project my relationship with McMurry/TMG has grown, having collaborated with them on six other projects for both Fed Tech & State Tech Magazines.”

Jonathan's portrait of Stephen Dennis for McMurry/TMG