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Keith Brofsky shoots for Microsoft.

“There have been two gigs in particular,” CMPro customer Keith Brofsky began to talk of his recent success. He went on to explain the first, which was for an ad agency with a healthcare client, and then he went on the explain the second gig. “The other was for a small local software company called Microsoft.”

Keith has been working with Agency Access for years now. He’s always had a good reputation in the photography industry, but he learned that a good reputation and large history of clientele isn’t always enough.

“Marketing is not a sprint. It’s a marathon,” Keith said. “I try to keep that in mind as I commit to this investment in my future.”

When Keith asked his first client what made her contact him for the gig, she told him that the consistent promos that she was receiving allowed her to remember his name. He had worked for the client 15 years prior, so she saved the direct mail and email promos after recognizing his name. The account has since become a bread-and-butter account, and he now appears to be their go-to photographer.

Microsoft commissioned Keith to photograph their new signage around their campus. He loved the project - shooting on his own time and bringing his dog to the campus soccer field to run around between shots made the whole experience much more enjoyable. The best part is that he was commissioned to do what he loves - take photos and be paid well to do so. A consistent marketing plan was essential in Keith’s recent success, and Keith is grateful.

“The personable attention, expert advice, and tenacious commitment I’ve found from the Agency Access team, means I’m getting something normally only afforded to the largest companies,” Keith said. “I’m getting my own marketing group at an affordable cost.”

An example of Keith's work from the shoot for Microsoft.