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Kristen and Chris shoot for TwoSmiles by Hewlett-Packard.

Kristen and Chris Barker of By The Barkers work together and make creations across all different kinds of mediums, including photo, video, and even audio. When the Barkers boarded the Agency Access train, they found work that they truly loved doing - work that was enjoyable and a lot of fun.

After signing with Agency Access’s CMPro program, the married couple paired up with Creative Consultant Karen D’Silva, who really drove Kristen, Chris and their team to push the envelope.

“Our consultant Karen is very helpful, she really pushes us to keep up to date showing personal work that shows all of our mediums - photo, video and music,” Kristen said. “Through our email promos we have incorporated both a video and a still.”

They were hired by Blast Radius Chicago to shoot a campaign for TwoSmiles by HP® composed of two video series. The first series was to create a campaign to celebrate smiles - show real people from the moment right before they smile all the way through to the laugh it becomes. The second series shows couples who share stories about what makes relationships last a lifetime. Not only did they shoot, direct and edit the videos, but Kristen and Chris also composed the music and recorded it in their in-house studio.

“Using real people and spending the day sharing personal stories was fun,” Kristen said of the project. “We are excited that Hewlett-Packard and the team behind TwoSmiles is centered around human connections, relationships and making people smile.”

The Barkers are thankful for the consistent marketing services that Agency Access provides, and knows that constant reminding is essential to the marketing process.

“It’s nice because it shows our mediums and keeps us fresh in people’s minds,” Kristen said. “Direct mail also is a great way that we have been able to remind folks about us!”

A still from one of the TwoSmiles by HP videos, by By The Barkers.