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Marian Kraus books two meetings.

Chicago-based photographer Marian Kraus brings his eye for nature and universal order to bear as an architectural photographer. He came to Agency Access years ago and has begun to take advantage of many of our programs and is currently in the midst of a Campaign Manager program with consultant Amanda Sosa Stone.

He’s also had a lot of luck with phone marketing cycles over his years with the company, racking up a bunch of PDF portfolio requests from architectural firms and ad agencies alike. In a recent cycle, his phone marketing team booked two great meetings: one with an ad agency in Minneapolis and another with an Illinois architectural firm.

Marian says Amanda was “extremely helpful” when the time came to refresh his digital portfolios, particularly improving the sequence and flow of his beautiful images. A Web edit also helped to bring his photographic strengths to the forefront, and all of this has contributed quite a bit to the success Marian has seen.

Organizations as large as United Airlines have expressed interest in working with the photographer, and a handful of other large ad agencies and architectural firms have reached out, saying although they have no fitting projects at the moment, they really love his work. So do we, and we’re happy to see Marian’s success with the help of Agency Access.

Some of Marian's interior architecture shots taken at the State Capitol in Madison, WI.