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Matthew Klein builds new connections.

New York-based food photographer Matthew Klein does awesome work, and the marketing consistency offered by the Campaign Manager Pro program and consultant Jennifer Kilberg gave this talented artist the regular presence he needed to get more new bid offers and begin building relationships with a lot of potential new clients.

Since Matthew was busy with existing clients, he needed to take additional steps to forge new connections with creatives. The help of Agency Access allowed him to establish new relationships with many new potential clients, even during the times that he was most occupied with other work.

The telemarketing department in particular was a big help. Following up with people who opened his emails and received his direct mail promos with a phone call was not something that he would have done, Matthew explained, because he just didn’t have the time for that. With the help of Agency Access, Matthew’s gotten through to potential new clients, and his website has seen increased traffic.

“I’ve gotten consistency, gotten seen, gotten out there, and that’s invaluable,” Matthew said when asked what CMPro has given him. “I do feel a difference, and that’s important.”

Matthew always had a dream that his reputation should be universal - that his phone should constantly be ringing from clients who are in desperate need of his services and like to spend their money. After time, Matthew learned that this is not the case, and that much more needs to be done in order to establish new connect and snag jobs.

“As you may know, it takes a lot of hard work to win new accounts,” Matthew said. “Agency Access does most of that work for me.”

An extremely appetizing example of Matthew's food photography.