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Miguel Co illustrates for The New York Times.

Miguel Co is an extremely talented Philadelphia-based illustrator who decided to subscribe to Agency Access to expand his marketing reach through our services. As a result of email and direct mail promotions fulfilled by Agency Access, he was recently commissioned by the New York Times to illustrate a piece based around an article entitled: “If My Data Is an Open Book, Why Can’t I Read It?” The article details inability to access data that is inherently ours.

“The job was completely unexpected because I didn’t think I’d get a reply when I sent an email to Minh, but he replied within the hour!” Miguel exclaimed. This was during two months in between when I was moving from my old apartment to my new apartment, so I had to temporarily stay at my friends’ places. I realized all of my art supplies were in different boxes spread out through three different basements!“

Despite this inconvenience, Miguel was able to get the job done in less than half the time of the deadline date, which really impressed the art director for the project. The art director was impressed from the very beginning with his custom-designed direct mail promos from Agency Access.

“The most important thing I took away from the experience was that jobs are much easier when you can take criticism well and not take them personally,” Miguel explained. “I also learned that having good friends is awesome. I wouldn’t have been able to do this job without them.”

Miguel's final piece for the New York Times article.