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Roger Snider is hired by The Barbarian Group NYC.

You’ve definitely seen Roger Snider’s work before. A Los Angeles-based advertising and editorial photographer, Roger first won a measure of fame shooting the Dos Equis “Most Interesting Man in the World” campaign-a job that’s lasted for more than six years. That’s a pretty long gig, one most photographers would be overjoyed to have. It’s exciting that all of that work is being done by a long-time Agency Access member.

Roger was recently hired by “digitally-centered creative agency” The Barbarian Group NYC to shoot a digital campaign for Sauza Tequila. Not only did he land the job, but he excelled in it and exceeded all of his client’s expectations.

“Beam Inc., the client, said I surpassed their expectations,” he shared. “This shoot went from being used as just digital to digital and print for the national campaign.”

Roger credits this recent success to his email marketing and a heavily-trafficked profile on Agency Access’s sister site FoundFolios. Since then, he also shot for Geico and PepsiCo. He’s got a keen eye and a sly sense of humor, which are seen in his work. Agency Access is proud to be able to contribute to his success.

A cute dog (and a cute lifeguard) as shot by Roger for Sauza Tequila.