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Saul Metnick lands two gigs with the The New York Times.

Brooklyn-based photographer Saul Metnick has landed multiple gigs after becoming a CMPro customer with Agency Access. Multiple parts of his marketing campaign led to the jobs he’s acquired.

One of the gigs was to photograph portraits of a doctor working in New York for The American Society of Clinical Oncology’s magazine, ASCO Connection. The job resulted from the Email Marketing component of the Campaign Manager program. Saul was contacted by the Photo Editor from ASCO shortly after his emails went out.

The next two gigs were a result of the phone marketing portion of Saul’s campaign. Phone marketer Jason Storer made contact with an editor at The New York Times, and after several email follow-ups, Saul was contacted for a meeting. He was commissioned for a pair of assignments - both being outdoor shoots.

“The first assignment ended up being an outdoor shoot, and we’ve had an unseasonably cold winter here in New York, if winter in the northeast can ever be described that way,” Saul went on to explain the challenge with the first shoot. “Anyway, after a frostbite incident a couple years ago (all ten toes! permanent nerve damage!), long days outside mandate toe warmers. Always be prepared?”

The other gig was for Times’ Real Estate section’s “Living In” feature - where he got to spend the day in Dyker Heights in Brooklyn and capture the neighborhood, all guided by the reporter’s notes on the story. All three gigs went well, despite having to endure the cold. Saul is thankful for all of the services that Agency Access has provided for him.

“Using the campaign manager platform has been very helpful,” Saul said. “Aside from helping get my name and work out and getting a couple of gigs, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about how the process works. It’s one thing to read and think it through, but I learn faster hands on.”

Saul's shot of a beautifully decorated house in Dyker Heights.