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Scott Areman gets gig with BECU.

Two years ago, photographer Scott Areman decided to change gears - he realized he wanted work that interested him more, stuff geared toward portraiture in particular and more corporate jobs. Agency Access has been there to help him meet those goals.

Scott put together a series of personal work called “The Room,” where he shot simple portraits in an empty studio. He included the portraits from the shoot in email and direct mail promos that he sent out through Agency Access. Through his work, Scott built a relationship with Seattle ad agency DNA, the agency partner of BECU, Washington’s largest credit union. The producer at BECU got in touch with Scott and had him shoot work similar to “The Room” for their Share campaign featuring unscripted social media testimonials from real credit union customers.

Scott attributes his success with this job to his marketing through Agency Access. His personal project had been done entirely for fun and as a portfolio-builder, but when he got it into the hands of art producers, they saw something they liked in it. Scott’s theory that the right buyers would pick up on his personal work proved to be true, and it confirmed both the strengths of his smile and that the methods he employs to get his imagery out there are sound.

“Agency Access works,” Scott said. “That’s why I use it!”

One of the portraits Scott shot for BECU's Share campaign.