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Sue Barr books over ten portfolio meetings in the Midwest and LA.

At Agency Access, the importance of consistent marketing to the right people cannot be stressed enough. For CMPlus member and lifestyle photographer Sue Barr, that consistent marketing has been really paying off. Thanks to her phone marketing team and her email team, she’s landed a number of meetings with potential clients in the Midwest and LA.

“In the past six Months I have shown my portfolio to creatives and art producers in Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Minneapolis and Los Angeles and created a buzz with agencies that might not have otherwise been familiar with my work,” Sue said.

Being from New Jersey and wanting to concentrate on companies outside of the NY Metro area, Sue had Agency Access arrange meetings at a number of top advertising agencies in Chicago, Minneapolis, and even Los Angeles to coincide with trips she had planned to those two cities. Some companies she landed meetings with are Ogilvy and Mather, DDB, Energy BBDO, McGarry Bowen, Draft FCB, Olson, Mono, Periscope, Campbell Mithun, Carmichael Lynch, Catapult, Peterson Mills Hooks, Matell and Davis Ellen.

With help from her Campaign Manager Katie Knepple, Creative Consultant Lynn Kyle and Phone Marketer Jason Storer, Sue has been award the opportunity to show her work to a number of well-known companies and advertising agencies. She is even waiting on a pending job with Mattel in Los Angeles because of a meeting she recently had with them.

Throughout her time with Agency Access, Sue has learned that consistent promotion to the right markets are imperative.

“The campaign manager program, consulting, emailing and phone marketing make me understand that great imagery is just not enough anymore,” Sue said. “You must constantly put yourself out there with promos and calls. I can target a brand or city in a moment with Agency Access and review the companies’ web sites and then create relationships without bombarding the agency with useless info or images. Instead, I am informed and proactive in my career.”

A heart-melting photo from Sue's portfolio.