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Tom Sperduto lands job with hospital.

New Jersey-based photographer Tom Sperduto came to Agency Access in the midst of a career begun while serving in the U.S. Marine Corp and the U.S. Coast Guard. It was there where he learned to shoot, and between the awards won there and his advertising, corporate, and editorial work, Tom built a pretty excellent career for himself.

Still, even the most published photographer in Coast Guard history shouldn’t have to market his work alone, and so the artist joined the Campaign Manager Pro program with consultant Amanda Sosa Stone.

Tom’s program went impressively well-Agency Access services helped get him an interview, and that very first interview led to an assignment. Not only that, but the job, which consisted of shooting photos for a hospital, paid double what he invested into the Campaign Manager program!

Tom was very pleased with our services and was happy that, while Agency Access did he marketing for him, he was able to focus solely on what he loves to do - photography.

“Agency Access did the hard work for me,” Tom said, “And allowed me to focus on my photography.”

An awesome photo Tom Sperduto shot earlier this week.