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Tori Soper is hired by two magazines.

Tori Soper is a commercial, editorial and event photographer based out of Chicago. Her consummate professionalism has kept her grounded in the ever-changing world of commercial photography. Over her 15-year career, she’s built an impressive client list which includes names like Microsoft, Realtor Magazine, and The Chicago Reader. When Tori joined forces with Agency Access and became a CMPro customer, the Campaign Manager team was excited to go to bat for her.

“I had been targeting two particular magazines for over a year in hopes of setting up a portfolio viewing, but had not gotten very far on my own,” Tori explained. “Shortly after I started up with the Campaign Manager program, their phone marketing efforts paid off and they had landed me appointments with both Crain’s Chicago Business, as well as Business Insurance Magazine.”

Tori was commissioned to do an editorial photography shoot for both companies. On the Business Insurance Magazine shoot, Tori recalled that scheduling was crucial, and that she had to drive three hours one-way, take shots of four different scenarios, and get them back to Chicago for approval. An arduous task to say the least, but Tori handled the situation with relative ease, stating “I let the subject know what I wanted to show through his portraits: approachable authority. He immediately agreed, both relieved and confident in how I was coming at the story.”

Agency Access taught Tori that multiple kinds of marketing are essential when trying to find work.

“It’s a matter of taking one more step in the marketing cycle. You can’t just send e-mails or postcards; you have to reach out though a phone call sometimes,” Tori said. “And once you land the gig, taking the time to not only listen, but absorb what our subjects have to say is of vital importance.”

Tori's photo from the Business Insurance Magazine shoot.