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Yvonne finds client that keeps giving her work.

While photographer Yvonne Duivenvoorden’s focus is food imagery, her talent extends far beyond the realm of the culinary. She’s been shooting professionally for over a decade (and has “been constantly kept busy” with work) but in the past couple of years began to notice a bit of a decline in business. Resolving to branch out and find new clients, Yvonne became a member of Agency Access and signed onto the Campaign Manager Pro program working with consultant Jennifer Kilberg and campaign manager Maddy Carey.

Despite a rough start with the program, it’s working swimmingly - so much so that she just signed on for her second year of CMPro. Phone marketing services in particular “are sort of the key element I was missing,” according to Yvonne. In fact, early in her campaign she attended a meeting her phone marketer booked for her. The meeting went so well even now she’s receiving what she calls “a fair bit of work from that client” - enough to pay for the entirety of her CMPro program.

As a busy photographer, it’s useful for Yvonne to know she’s on a schedule and that even while she’s out shooting she isn’t losing her marketing momentum. She may have initially joined because she didn’t have a rep, but we’re pleased our services have been able to fill in so many gaps for her, and we’re happy she’s so satisfied that she renewed her Campaign Manager subscription!

Yvonne recently sent out this awesome email promo.